Soyuz - soyuz

SES-15 is the 40 e satellite to be launched by Arianespace for the European satellite operator SES, following ASTRA 5B – orbited by an Ariane 5 in March 22, 2014.

If you think about it, humans have certainly taken some huge risks in the advancement of science. If it were not for the space progrmas- funded by your tax dollars, the LCD screen you are now looking at wouldn't exist. Only 10 years ago, there were few handheld computers- and none like the "Smartphone" you now use. Technology in electronics has evolved rapidly in this past century- all the way from electric street lights to entering space. We have come from vacuum tubes ("valves" to some in music circles who still use vacuum tube amplifiers ) to the miniaturized transistor electronics in the form of integrated circuits which led to the current ASIC designs, to advanced composite materials - such as that carbon fiber bike you might have. So many consumer devices were invented thanks to the efforts of those who were involved in the Russian and US Space Programs.

"Soyuz-2-1 V " launch vehicle is two-stage light class launch vehicle developed for spacecraft launches from launching facilities which are meant for “Soyuz-2” launch vehicle. The launch vehicle is developed on the basis of “Soyuz-2-1V” launch vehicle by removing of strap-on boosters and installing of NK-33A engine on the core module and control engine RD0110R (development of OAO ‘KBHA’). The second stage unit is adopted with updating of “Soyuz-2-1V ” third stage unit.

Soyuz - SoyuzSoyuz - SoyuzSoyuz - SoyuzSoyuz - Soyuz